17th Nailsea Community Skatepark Festival and Showcase (June 8th 2019) 

‘17th Nailsea Community Skatepark Festival, top action in bright sunshine, another great community event’

Organisers of the 17th Nailsea community skate Park Festival were thrilled with not only the weather but the turnout and the community spirit throughout the afternoon. The concept originated from a group of local churches and community leaders getting together to showcase what goes on in the skate park and perhaps breakdown preconceived ideas about faith and also the skate park community. Over the years the event has developed and is now a significant event in the Nailsea and district event calendar. The standard of skills on the skate Park continued to amaze those watching, all enjoying the redeveloped skate Park for the fourth year.

The organisers were very thankful that the weather which was very wet on Friday and indeed the day after on Sunday afternoon, but was replaced on the Saturday by windy conditions but lovely sunshine which blessed the event again. Great news was that despite all the riders pushing themselves, the support of first aid providers Bristol Ambulance was never needed, and as a result they also had a really enjoyable day.

The youngest competitor this year was Silas King aged only four years old, and his performance brought a huge cheer from the crowd. There were also another four four and five-year-olds Ryan Horsefield, Harrison Salisbury, and Jack Fisher as well as Reuben Howard how inspiring to see these youngsters performing for the large crowds.

17th Nailsea Community Skatepark Festival and Showcase

As with any competition there has to be winners and in the Skate 16 and Over, Nailsea’s Robert Waghorn, took the title ahead of Ben Gripton and Joe Davies, and in the Skate 12-15 Category Alvestons Solomon Pollet took home some great prizes and trophies (sponsored by Nailsea Community Trust), ahead of Archie Ferguson and Freddie Rowe.

In the U11’s Jimi Hampstead won, ahead of Joel Reid, and Silas King.

In the hard-fought scooter categories, the 12 and under was won by Dax Oliver from Nailsea ahead of Bodie Archer and George Wood. In the older scooter category (13 and over) a very tight competition was finally won by Josh Singleton, ahead of Luke Dewbury and Leo Brooks.

Only 1 entry in the BMX category this year, so well done to Aleks Gabets.

The presentation took place around 4:30 PM in a packed skatepark, with contest director Phil Williams, thanking God for the weather and safety at the event, and hearing from local youth worker Helwyn  about her journey of faith. . It was also a pleasure to welcome new chair of Nailsea Town Council Jan Barber to present the prizes.

The skate park was packed throughout the afternoon without any hint of trouble, a fantastic advert for the skate park and the skate park community, and perhaps an encouragement to other members of the local community particularly in Clevedon and Portishead to look again at the facilities they offer for this passionate section of their community and get behind their plans. It was so good to have members present from Clevedon Skatepark Team, sharing of their vision to redo the park in Clevedon, and also the Sk8 or Die crew from Portishead, updated progress that has been made their as well

The showcase element was a bit different this year as the showcase organisers had moved on, but the benefits and the attractions of this part of the event continued in the millennium park, and will be further developed next year, continuing to make this event of interest for all the family not just the skate Park users. Great to see so much going on, including a bouncy castle, youth hang out(Baptist Church), faith zone, table tennis, and community stalls including, Mothers Union, Avon wildlife Trust, Nailsea Community Trust amongst others.

It was brilliant also that the local police came along with the football cage and other vehicles to advertise their new initiative on Friday nights, which will be starting in late July.

Full details and galleries are up on the Nailsea Skate Project, and Nailsea Skate Fest and Activities Showcase Facebook pages, and a huge thank you to all the organisers and all those sponsors that gave their time and finances, and supported the event in practical ways, including Holy Trinity and Trendlewood Church, Nailsea Community Trust, Nailsea Town Council, Christians Together in Nailsea, Christian Surfers and Skateboarders, Nailsea Skatepark Project, Scotch Horn Leisure Centre, Shiner, Tesco, C2 sound, Crucial BMX and Crazy Scooters.

Head of the event Phil Williams said “another fantastic year weather wise, the whole team were so pleased that we have such a fantastic event this year, a great showcase for our community, that gave the opportunity for those that use skate Park throughout the year a brilliant opportunity to display to their friends and family just how skilful they are. A massive thank you to all the volunteers that make my job so much easier”. For any further details or questions, or if keen to get involved in planning future events, contact nailseaskatefest@gmail.com

Nailsea Skatepark Project is holding the very popular ‘skate/scooter school’ later in the summer if you’re interested in this, keep an eye out on the NSP Facebook page or e-mail nwylie@nailseaschool.com

All in all, a really fantastic event, run, organised and attended by the whole community.