5 Businesses You Didn’t Know Were in Nailsea

If someone said to you, how many businesses in Nailsea could you name off the top of your head, how many do you think you’d be able to list? Sure, you might know the majority of organisations based in the town centre or on the High Street, but did you know that the producers of the world’s leading car wash technology are based in Nailsea?

Below we’ve collated a short list of some of the less well-known businesses located in Nailsea, but if you think you know of any more, please email us at hello@nailseatown.com!

Channel Kayaks

Channel Kayaks is a local designer and manufacturer of unique, Aqualtye Kayaks. Their kayaks are the world’s first to be manufactured from Aqualyte, an extremely light, durable and robust material that is 100% recyclable. They also arrange half and full day kayaking experiences for families, companies and charities at a range of scenic venues in the south west of the UK.

PSD Codax

Based at Southfield Road Trading Estate, PSD Codax have been developing industry-leading car wash access technology for over 25 years. Their products are the most common form of token-free access control in the world, and their large list of customers and partners include some of the world’s leading supermarket chains and major oil companies.

Treasured Accessories and Gifts

Treasured Accessories and Gifts is a chic gift shop offering an array of, well, accessories and gifts! From cufflinks and jewellery to ties and scarves, they stock items for all occasions. They also create personalised embroidery gifts, such as cushions, cuddly toys and wedding napkins.

Ooh! Chocolata 

Founded in 2012, Ooh! Chocolata is a family-run business producing delicious chocolate and goodies! They offer a vast selection of chocolate, sweets, fudges and jellies, and have an evergrowing list of stockists up and down the country.

Lindee Lu

Lindee Lu specialise in constructing handmade wooden kennels and catteries for boarding establishments, animal rescue charities and private individuals from their unit at Southfield Road Trading Estate. They have built high-quality catteries for organisations across the UK, and some of their major customers include the RSPCA and Blue Cross.

What other hidden businesses do you know in Nailsea? Email your favourite ‘secret’ businesses to hello@nailseatown.com.

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