Best Places to go Sledging in Nailsea

With snow falling in Nailsea over the past couple of days, and even more expected towards the end of the week, people of all ages are sure to be digging out their toboggans and finding the biggest hills to slide down! Children, teenagers and adults alike are bound to be dressing up for the bitter temperatures, and why not? After all, we don’t get much snow in this area!

Fortunately, there are several locations throughout Nailsea that make for great sledging when they’re covered in snow. Below we have listed some of the best sledding hills in Nailsea, but if we’ve missed any places that you recommend, please email us at or comment on our Facebook page.

The Perrings

The slopes by The Perrings Playground seems to be most people’s first choice when deciding where to go sledging in Nailsea due to the hills having a fairly steep descent. If you decide to take your sled here, we recommend going early and while the snow is fresh as it often gets busy, and before you know it, the white carpet has either disappeared or has turned into unpleasant slush!

Morgan’s Hill/Field Behind Sedgemoor Close

Although the hills aren’t as steep nor as large as the ones at The Perrings, the area of grass behind Sedgemoor Close and Grove Sports Centre is another hilly area that is popular for tobogganing.

Ashton Court Estate

Based just outside of Nailsea in Long Ashton, Ashton Court Estate is another favoured location for darting down the snow slopes. It is a spacious area with plenty of grassy hills, perfect for testing out your sled or toboggan!

Tips for Sledding

Although sledding is great fun, please be aware that it can be dangerous and cause injuries. Here are a few safety tips for you to consider before going sledding:

  • Choose a hill that is clear and free of obstacles – such as rocks, fences and trees etc. Check it first, and make sure you have permission to be there.
  • Sled down a hill that has a long flat area at the bottom for you to come to a stop. Avoid hills that have fences or other hazards immediately at the bottom.
  • Dress appropriately – this includes wearing sensible winter and waterproof clothing, as well as a helmet. Avoid scarves or any other loose clothing as they can get caught in the sled. Keep your mobile phone safe and dry, too.
  • Make sure the area you are sledding in is well-lit.
  • Always sit face-forward when sledding.
  • Adults should always be supervising children when sledding.

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