Brabantia Donate 180 Pedal Bins to Local Care Homes and Hospices

Brabantia, an international interior design brand with UK facilities on Blackfriars Road, recently made a large donation of pedal bins to care homes and hospices around Nailsea.

Over 180 pedal bins were distributed to sites in and around Nailsea including:

  • Silver Tree’s Nursing Home
  • Sycamore Lodge Nursing Home
  • Adlington House Nursing Home
  • Charlton Farm Children’s Hospice

In light of the current pandemic, the pedal bins are especially critical as they allow for hands-free, sanitary disposal of waste. This method of disposal reduces the spread of germs which may occur upon opening a regular bin.

These bins are another way of mitigating risks presented to staff and residents of care homes and hospices.

Formed in 1919, Dutch-based Brabantia have become a renowned interior design brand, known for its stylish and practical appliances and household goods. According to the Brabantia website, the company aims to enrich its customers’ quality of life through cleverly designed products ‘designed for living’. Sustainability is also fundamental to Brabantia’s philosophy.

They made their first pedal bins in 1952 and their iconic Patrice design, as seen on the donated bins, dates back to 1969. In the first 10 years of release, over 5,000,000 Patrice pedal bins were sold!

Read Brabantia’s story here.

Brabantia Operations Director, Daryll Thomas (on right in picture below), arranged the generous donation, saying:

As a business we pride ourselves on values that we live and breathe, and as such we wanted to give back to the local community by making a donation of various pedal bins.  We chose the pedal bin as it allows for hands-free waste disposal, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, which of course we’re all very conscious of at the moment!”

The team have shown great generosity and consideration of those who are vulnerable. Well done Brabantia!