Craft Market rules for stallholders:

  1. Definition of Local: For the purpose of these rules Nailsea Craft Market defines ‘local’ as a 30 mile radius of the market.
  2. Wherever possible, Crafters will come from within the defined local area.
    Definition of “Crafter”: Is someone who creates or makes unique items/objects with a high degree of hand-made, physical and/or intellectual input using traditional or contemporary skills.
  3. A craft not represented at the market may be admitted from up to 80 miles, however:
    1. Preference will be given to the most local crafter when a space (for the product) becomes available, so long as quality and standards are met. Those crafters who have applied and are accepted will be placed on a waiting list until such time as they can be admitted.
    2. If the market expands in size, then further crafters with similar products may be considered on the condition that range, diversity and quality of crafts are not adversely affected.
  4. On application, all craft products must be listed as accurately as possible with photos or samples of the work. The approval and the selection and balance of craft at the Market is decided upon by the Market Committee. In certain cases, new applicants may be asked to ‘tailor’ their stall to help maintain the balance and variety at the market. Attendees must re-apply for the introduction of any new items or due to a change in business details/structure.
  5. Own products: All craft items must be products made by the crafter. The crafter must be the main stallholder, able to answer customer questions about their craft. No bought-in items can be directly sold on without further processing as part of a crafted item.
  6. Locally sourced materials are encouraged for craft production, especially the use of low impact, naturally occurring raw materials or reclaimed materials.
  7. Presentation: All crafts should be well displayed and presented. Stallholders must bring their own tables and stallholder equipment. Tablecloths to brighten up the appearance of stalls are strongly recommended. Stalls areas should be kept clean and tidy with packaging kept to a minimum. Crafters are responsible for collecting and taking away their own rubbish.
  8. Clear labelling: trading name, product descriptions and pricing should be clear and visible at all times. If claiming organic or similar certification, a copy of the certificate and any supporting documents that specify what is covered must be displayed on the stall.
  9. Insurance: Stallholders must have £5 million Public, Product and Employee Liability insurance which covers Street Trading Activity. A copy must be provided to the Market Organiser on application, and thereafter, a new copy must be provided with every policy renewal or modification.
    NB: someone minding your stall on a temporary basis is classed as an employee.
  10. Canopies: Are available to one or more stallholders. Where two stallholders are pitched under one canopy they must do so equally with respect for one another.
  11. A “Non-Craft” stall can be offered if either: a) there is sufficient “service to customer” demand or b) for the self-promotion of a local charity or group (charity stalls with be classed as guest stalls). Guest stalls will be offered at the discretion of the Market Organiser and only if there is space available.
  12. Only top quality craft should be offered for sale at the market, items not listed on the application or appear to be inappropriate or defective may be removed by the Market Organiser; please see point 4.
  13. Booking a stall: Is by fee one month prior to market or new bookings not less than two weeks’ before. Exceptions to the rule can be made depending on circumstance and at the discretion of the Market Organiser.
  14. Cancellation: Please attend all pre booked markets unless it is absolutely unavoidable. If you do have to cancel, a minimum two weeks’ notice is required. No transfer of fee to next market or refund can be given for cancellations less than two weeks. Refunds will only be given on request.
  15. Severe Weather or other Acts of God: The Shopping Centre Management (the land owners) along with the Market Committee will try and ensure that every market event takes place. However, if conditions are deemed severe enough to create a risk to health & safety, the Market Committee has to respect the decision of the Shopping Centre Management on any decision to cancel. A decision to cancel, may be as near as the day prior, on the day or during the market. In the event of cancellation, neither management party will be held responsible for any loss to the crafter.
  16. Market canopies will be provided and only erected and dismantled by those who are insured and commissioned by Nailsea Town Council for this purpose, unless in the case of an emergency, e.g. extreme weather conditions.
  17. The Market Organiser or a member of Nailsea Town Council is responsible for collecting stall fees on the market day. Fees include VAT and receipts will be provided. Yearly VAT receipts can be provided on request.
  18. Stalls must be ready for trading by 9am when the market opens. Setting up can commence from 7.50am onwards using unloading points at Christ Church Close, Stock Way South car park and the service yards. Please respect that there are residents living locally, so keep noise level to a minimum. Parking is available in the neighbouring car parks. Clevedon Road has a long stay car park, which provides short easy walking access to the precinct. It is advisable to display your market parking permit in any of the short stay car parks or service yards.
  19. Packing up should not begin before 1.15pm (unless early closure of the market is called by the Market Organiser or Shopping Centre Management).
  20. Every stallholder contributes to the overall look, atmosphere and therefore, success of the market. This includes promoting your product and the values of the market, supporting market events, respecting any actions or decisions made by the market organiser or committee, having a positive attitude, friendly engagement with customers and collaboration with other stallholders along with respecting the market rules. Any stallholder appearing to be unwilling to support the general ethos of the market will be asked to leave.
  21. Antisocial behaviour or transgression of the rules by yourself or your staff, may result in instant dismissal from the market.

The Market Organiser’s decision is final. However, if you feel you have been unfairly treated you may appeal to the Market Committee.

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