Financial Support for Struggling Households in North Somerset

Struggling households across North Somerset are benefitting from a £1.3m grant this winter thanks to the Government’s Household Support Fund.

The grant intended to help struggling households all over the UK afford basic provisions like food and other essential items, as well as pay their energy and water bills. The awarded money is intended to help North Somerset Council continue to support the most vulnerable in our community over the coming months. A lifeline to people in Nailsea, the surrounding areas, and across the county, these funds will help our most vulnerable afford basic items and live independently.

These funds must be disturbed by March 2022, otherwise they will need to be returned to the Government. So, let’s explore how the council is putting the grant to use!

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How is the Money Being Used?

A minimum £50 food voucher is being automatically provided to all working age residents who currently receive council tax support. Residents who are not of working age but who receive council tax support and have dependent children will also receive a voucher. Collectively, £465,000 worth of vouchers are being sent out across the county.

Additional food vouchers of £100 are being paid in two instalments to every child who receives free school meals, with the second due this month. These food vouchers amount to £542,000 in total.

The council are also giving grants to various organisation including the county’s two Trussell Trust foodbanks, the Salvation Army, and the Handyman Service. This money will help these vital organisations continue to provide care and support for people in need.

What Other Support is Available?

For struggling individuals who don’t fit into these categories, but who need help to meet their needs in a crisis or maintain their independence, there are other options too. The Welfare Provision Scheme provides short term support to people in a range of circumstances. Find out more about applying here.

If your household is struggling and you think you might be eligible for free school meals, you can still apply here.

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