Hinkley Connection Project – Roadworks Update

Have you noticed the roadworks going on around Nailsea recently? The National Grid’s Hinkley Connection Project is well underway, and the West End of Nailsea is affected.

Here is an update on the roadworks, the project as a whole, and how Nailsea will be affected.


Roadwork signs on Hannah More Road.

Hinkley Connection Project

The project, delivered by National Grid, will connect low carbon energy from EDF’s Hinkley Point C power station to over six million homes and businesses. Low carbon energy will help to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions and provide cleaner energy for South West residents.

The connection will run between Hinkley Point C in Bridgwater and Seabank (near Avonmouth) – a total of 57km! A small section will run through the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, however underground cables will be used to maintain views.

This project will see the first use of T-pylons, the first new design of UK electricity pylons for almost a hundred years. These pylons have a unique design, small footprints and use less land.


Why are there roadworks in Nailsea?

As the West End of Nailsea is on the connection route, Nailsea is affected. The work undertaken will include:

  • The installation of 132,000 volt underground cable to connect to Portishead. This involves creating temporary entrances and access from public roads, as well as digging trenches and installing cable ducts.
  • The removal of existing 132,000 volt overhead lines that run close to residential property. Following consultation with local residents, a number of pylons will be removed.

View this map to see where is affected.

Find out exactly what is happening in and around Nailsea with this detailed handout.


Where are there roadworks in Nailsea?

Since beginning in May 2020 there has been work done on Blackfriars Road and Hannah More Road (at the Queens Road junction) with limited car access and maintained pedestrian routes.

National Grid, along with contractors J. Murphy & Sons, have worked with local authorities to create a traffic management plan, including the use of temporary traffic lights, parking restrictions and road closures.

Here are the proposed works:


Blackfriars Road

May – mid-August

Traffic lights


Hannah More Road

4th July – 24th August

Road closure


Diversion route for Hannah More Road works.


Queens Road and North Street four-way junction

24th August – 18th September

Traffic lights


Hanham Way

September – TBC

Road closure


(Dates are subject to change. Find out more here)


How long will Nailsea be affected for?

The entire Hinkley Connection Project is due to take eight years to complete, however Nailsea should only be involved for a year or two.

The laying of underground cable is planned to be complete by December 2020 and the overall work in Nailsea should be done by Autumn 2021.

Despite Covid-19, the contractors have continued to work and keep on schedule.


Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for further updates! There will also be road signs put out prior to works.