Introducing #WeAreNailsea – Nailsea’s Virtual High Street

#WeAreNailsea is an online platform for local businesses funded by Nailsea Town Council. The website is essentially a virtual high street, allowing users to purchase products from all participating local businesses in one online place.

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About #WeAreNailsea

Due to Covid-19 and the reliance of many on e-commerce platforms, independent businesses have struggled. #WeAreNailsea encourages people to shop local, as well as helping businesses go online.

Lots of Nailsea businesses have already signed up, offering collection, delivery, and in-house products and services.  There will be more are to come!

#WeAreNailsea is not limited to shops physically on the high street and can include any service or product provider within Nailsea, such as garages, health and beauty salons, hairdressers, independent shops, tradespeople and more!

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The new #WeAreNailsea website is part of the #WeAreLocals initiative, which helps towns and high streets create online identities and reach communities.

#WeAreLocals works in partnership with BIDs (Business Improvement District), Councils and Town Centres to keep people shopping local. It started as a lockdown project to aid independent businesses in continuing to sell products, however now the long-term goal is to continue supporting local businesses and helping them transition to online environments.

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High Street

Benefits to Business

Aside from helping businesses get online and adapt to changing shopping habits, #WeAreLocals have listed other benefits to business:

  • Comprehensive Ecommerce solutions supporting sales, collections and deliveries.
  • Catalysing impulse purchases for and from business neighbours – just like a high street!
  • Unlimited number of products and orders.
  • Comprehensive back end app for traders including product management, route planning, collection and delivery slot logic, and order management.
  • Low cost – with BID financial support and economies of scale, the platform is very affordable.
  • Technical support in set up and ongoing – including security and upgrades of the platform and all running and hosting costs.

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