Join Nailsea’s Pumpkin Trail!

This Halloween, the Nailsea Community Group and Nailsea Active have come up with a fun, covid-friendly activity to get local families in the spooky spirit over half-term.

The pumpkin trail will consist of decorated pumpkin displays around Nailsea with the theme ‘Nailsea Pumpkins Go To The Movies’.

Displays will be out from Saturday 24th October – Sunday 31st October. Register your display by Friday 16th October and it will be put on a trail map of Nailsea.

How to get involved:

  1. Plan your pumpkin display

Nailsea residents are invited to decorate pumpkins and create an imaginative display outside their home, or in a window, following the theme of movies. Choose your movie or scene, the pumpkin(/s) you will use and the tools you require. This is the perfect opportunity to have a film afternoon and do some ‘research’!

  1. Register your pumpkin display (by Friday 16th October)

If you wish for your display to be part of the pumpkin trail, register your display using this form. Registered displays will be put on a trail map so others can find your display.

  1. Create your pumpkin display

Once you have planned your display, it is time to get creative! Whether you carve, paint, or dress your pumpkin, remember the theme of movies. Displays can be a pumpkin(/s) outside, or a decorated window.

  1. Display your pumpkin (24th October – 31st October)

Pumpkins on the trail should be on display from the morning of Saturday 24th October – Saturday 31st October evening. If your display is outside, you are welcome to bring your display in every night to protect it but be sure to put it back in the morning!

  1. Pick up your trail map

Pumpkin trail maps should be available for pick up from no.26 Somerset Square before Saturday 24th October. Local residents can then follow the trail, guess the movies and get into the Halloween spirit.

  1. Vote for your favourite pumpkin display

Those who go on the pumpkin trail are invited to vote for their favourite pumpkin. The winning pumpkin will get a prize!

Good luck!

Follow the Nailsea Community Group Facebook page for updates and further information.

Don’t forget to register your pumpkin display here.