Join the SMEs Tackling Climate Change with the UK Business Climate Hub

With people all over the UK taking the SME Climate Commitment to reach net zero by 2050, it’s time for North Somerset businesses to join the cause.

By now, we all recognise that the climate crisis poses a significant threat to nature, the economy, and all of our lives. That’s why the UK Business Climate Hub is encouraging businesses in the UK to sign up and commit to lowering their emissions. The time for action is today.

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What is the UK Business Climate Hub?

The UK Business Climate Hub is a UN-backed scheme to encourage and support business in their journey towards net zero by 2050. Businesses who commit join an international community with regular updates, information, guidance, and support. At the time of writing, 2637 businesses in the UK have signed up.

What Does the SME Climate Commitment Involve?

The SME Climate Commitment is a pledge taken by businesses in all sorts of sectors to take immediate action on climate change. Businesses who join must agree to:

  • Halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  • Achieve net zero emissions before 2050
  • Transparently report on progress once a year

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What Can My Business Do to Help the Environment?

It may not seem like individual actions can make a difference, especially if you’re a small business. But, by working collectively to lower emissions and reduce waste, we stand more of a chance of reaching net zero by 2050. Everyone has a part to play in the future of our planet, and the time to act is now.

By taking the Climate Commitment, you’ll receive support and guidance to make reaching net zero achievable and connect with a community of like-minded businesses. The UK Government is partnering with businesses and climate groups all over the UK to help all kinds of businesses become more sustainable today. You’ll even receive a free BS ISO 50005 Energy Management System to help you lower your emissions – and your bills too!

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What Does Net Zero by 2050 mean?

We hear the phrase ‘net zero’ a lot, but what does it actually mean? Essentially, it’s about creating a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced, and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Reaching net zero will mean the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere it staying at a constant level, neither increasing nor decreasing.

Why is Net Zero Important?

Reaching net zero is important for everyone, not just businesses. In these critical decades, we need to take drastic action to reduce our emissions, otherwise there will be no turning back for our planet. Why? Because the UN Climate Science Panel has predicted that unless we reach net zero by 2050, we stand little chance of limiting global warming to 1.5D and causes irrevocable damage. The steps we take today will have a huge impact on all of our tomorrows.

Why Sign Up to the UK Business Climate Hub?

Grow Your Business

The environment it important, but this pledge doesn’t have to mean sacrifice. In fact, working to reduce your emissions can actually save your business money through reduced utility bills, fuel, packaging, and waste handling fees. You can then invest what you save in your growth.

Competitive Advantage

The future of the planet is a pressing concern for everyone, and many people look at the ethics and core values of a business before making a purchasing decision. By joining the pledge, you’ll be able to signal to conscious consumers and sustainable shareholders that your business is more responsible than your competitors, and more worthy of their support.

Be Future Proof

As the world adapts to a changing climate, make sure you can keep up. Taking steps now to create more sustainable work environments and processes means you won’t be left behind and you’ll help create new opportunities in the UK.

Help the Environment

Of course, the biggest reason to join the commitment is that you’ll be doing your bit to help safeguard the future of our planet. Reducing your emissions as a business means upholding a set of environmental responsibilities, and minimising your impact in every way you can. That’s something to feel good about.

How to Cut Your Business’ Emissions – 5 Tips

There are many different ways to go about cutting your emissions, and a combination of methods is likely to be the most effective. Here are some top tips for reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Switch to LED bulbs.
  • Adjust heating and cooling system timings and temperatures.
  • Install a Smart Metre.
  • Audit waste management and supply chain.
  • Consider using electric vehicles where possible.
  • Offset emissions that are unavoidable.
  • Choose renewable energy or install solar panels on site,
  • Improve your building’s insulation.
  • Encourage active travel to work, e.g., cycling.

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