Lloyds Bank weekly Community drop in facility in Nailsea to be extended until January 2025

Good News for Nailsea, the Lloyds Bank Community Banking drop-in facility at No 65, High Street, Nailsea launched in February 2024, is going to be extended until January 2025. Initially this was set up until June 2024. The drop-in facility will be continue to be available on Fridays between 9.00am and 3.00pm.

The Community Bankers will be available to help Lloyds Bank customers by offering banking services and account support. They can help guide you through ways to bank with them. There will be no cash services available so you will not be able to withdraw or make any payments using cash. The Lloyds Community Banker can help with the following services:

Payments and transfers such as
• Paying someone new
• Managing Direct Debits and standing orders
• Transferring money between accounts
• Pay a bill to a company (limits apply)

Card and PIN services
• Report your card lost or stolen
• Order a replacement card or PIN

Manage your account
• View your balance and transactions
• Change your address
• Manage your contact details
• Manage your marketing preferences
• Order a replacement cheque book / credit book
• Order copy statements
• Close your account

Further help and support will also be available by telephone or on your own device using the app or website to:
• Register a death
• Registering a Power of Attorney
• Adding a third party to your account
• Registering your support needs
• Getting help with your money worries
• Getting help if you’ve been scammed
• Proving your identity
• Register a complaint
See https://www.lloydsbank.com/banking-with-us/community-bankers.html for more information or call Lloyds Bank on 0345 300 0000 to ask any questions.

Trudy Hollow Manager of No 65 says ‘”We are very pleased that Lloyds Bank are continuing to work with No 65 to offer a Community Banker drop-in facility for our local residents and that this has been so successful that it is being extended until January 2025.”

Please note that the Lloyds Bank Community Banker is not a banking hub. A banking Hub is a shared space, normally on the high street, letting customers of multiple banks deposit and withdraw cash and perform other everyday banking tasks. They look set to become the main way for many to access banking in the coming years, as banks continue to shut individual branches.

Nailsea Town Council is delighted that LINK, the UK’s Cash Access and ATM network, have announced that residents and businesses in Nailsea will soon find it easier to access banking services thanks to the addition of a new banking hub in the town. The announcement follows a community request from Cllr James Turner on behalf of Nailsea Town Council.