Conditions of Market Stall Hire

1. The hirer must be over 18 years of age. If the canopies are to be used by persons under 18 years of age there must be adult supervision at all times.

2. The hirer is responsible for the care and conduct of those using the canopies.

3. Full Payment is required 14 days prior to hire, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

4. A security fee by way of cheque is required with full payment, unles s agreed otherwise in writing. This is 50% of the hire charge. All cheques are made payable to NAILSEA TOWN COUNCIL . The security cheque will be destroyed post hire, providing no damage has occurred t o the canopies. The hirer is fully liable to pay repair costs for any loss or damage incurr ed during the hire period.

5. Hire charges are per day for use between 7.30am and 10pm, unless agreed in writing.

6. The cost includes delivery, assembly, dismantling and collecting by the Town Council’s contractor. Nailsea Town Council cannot accept liability for anyone else undertaking this work.

7. Hire for locations over 17 miles from the canopy storage facilities will incur a further petrol charge.

8. Nailsea Town Council has the right to cancel/suspend or reject a booking if t he hirer is found to be falsifying any information or if the event being organised is found to be contr ary to the interests of the Town Council and the Community. In this case, loss of any payment made may occur.

9. If the booking is cancelled by the Town Council all monies will be refunded, unless the cancellation is under rule No. 9.

10. Nailsea Town Council reserves the right to take payment for hire of canopies, if the booking is cancelled 7 working days or less from the scheduled date of hiring.

11. The canopies are very robust and the bases are weighted down. However, in very severe weather conditions they could become hazardous and should be taken down, or not erected. On t he day of hire, the hirer can liaise with the Town Council’s contractor regarding any safety issues. However, the hirer uses the canopies at their own risk and must use their own common sense as to the safety of use and to others,

12. The canopies are insured by Nailsea Town Council. However, it is stron gly advised that the hirer obtains their own public liability insurance to cover their event.

13. Nailsea Town Council shall not accept any liability for damage/injury or l oss however caused or suffered by you or any other persons during the period of hire, unless clearly the result of negligence by the Council or its representatives.