Nailsea Community Arts Space Vision

At a recent Nailsea Town Council meeting, the prospect of creating a Community Arts Space for the town was introduced.

Inspired by other local initiatives such as Watershed and Everyman Picture House in Bristol, the vision for Nailsea Community Art Space (NCAS) is to have a new state-of-the-art building dedicated for theatre performance, lectures, exhibitions, concerts and more. It would provide an opportunity for income and to foster Nailsea as an arts hub, seeking to improve wellbeing outcomes for the local community as well as providing opportunities for disenfranchised groups within the town.

The aim for the NCAS would be to fill the space with clubs, activities, paid performances and also community subsidised activities. The building would –

  • Allow local theatre groups to have an established and purpose-built home
  • Allow the opportunity for performance by visiting public figures and performance groups
  • Provide additional performance space for local schools
  • Provide opportunities for apprenticeships and skills-based learning with an arts hub setting
  • Provide a venue for adult learning courses
  • Provide a space to hold events and museum-style exhibitions
  • Act as a local music venue with the opportunity to invite local and international musicians to perform
  • Bring Nailsea’s local library into the arts hub

The idea is in its infancy but the presentation can be viewed in full here to find out more: Nailsea Community Arts Space (NCAS) Presentation.