Nailsea Council Newsletter – Jan

Nailsea Town Council publishes its newsletter three times a year, giving you a snapshot of some of the things going on in the Council. Each edition highlights a particular environmental issue as part of the Council’s Climate Emergency response – this edition focuses on the benefits of charity shopping. North Somerset Times has printed the newsletter in this week’s edition, and you can read it below or download it here.

Happy New Year!

Nailsea Town Council wishes you all the best for 2022.

We will be working hard to make Nailsea a place where our residents are proud to be a part of the community. We want to share with you what the council has been working on and welcome your ideas and feedback on making our town better.

Heritage Trail Success

Last month we unveiled our heritage trail encouraging local people to connect with Nailsea’s rich history.

We have ten stops around the town, where you can read more about our past from dinosaurs to our brewing heritage. Each Pennant Stone plinth was hand built by local craftspeople and has a QR code with voice interpretation of the boards, images, extra information and further activities for children.

Nailsea and Backwell Station

Nailsea Town Council has teamed up with Severnside Community Rail to brighten up Nailsea and Backwell Train Station with art from the local community. We want all you budding creative people to submit your work, nothing is off-limits, from billboards to spoken word performances at the station itself. If you or someone you know wants to be involved contact by 25th January.

A change on Lions green

We were saddened to fell the diseased horse chestnut tree on Lions Green. However, we are pleased to announce that following an application to the Governments Welcome Back Fund a new tree carving will be undertaken early this year to bring it back to life. We will keep you updated as it progresses – watch this space!

Weddings at the Tithe Barn

The Tithe Barn is a beautiful building steeped in history and a blank canvas to make your day exactly as you want it to be.

With a huge vaulted ceiling, exposed timber frames, soft grey stone, and hidden owl holes, our barn is full of romance and character. We give you the building and can arrange a bar for your celebrations, and can help advise you on local providers to make your day special.

One of our brides Katherine said:

“We searched for a while for a suitable venue, I was keen for something like a village hall that we could essentially hire and do the rest ourselves. The Tithe Barn at Nailsea couldn’t have been more perfect – only a short drive from the church, and available to hire for the whole weekend to set up for wedding reception. Not to mention the fact that the interior was beautiful!”

Come and see what makes the Tithe Barn such a special place as a venue for all your life events.

To book a tour or find out more contact Trudy on 07951 367703.

Each edition we will highlight an environmental issue that we are passionate about – and this time, we want to talk to you about the benefits of using your local charity shop.

Charity shopping

We are lucky enough to have a few charity shops in Nailsea, enabling our residents to be able to make a choice to buy and re-use items while raising money for good causes. Charity shops are a brilliant source to find things to re-work and make your own, with bargains to be had… Remember them when you consider what to do with any unwanted Christmas gifts; someone out there will be delighted to use them! Gifting our clothes, furniture and unwanted presents at the local charity shop has many advantages for all. Fashion is one of the top polluters on the planet, each item we buy new comes at a cost to the environment, and potentially a people cost as it’s hard to know whether it has been ethically manufactured. Buying from charity shops is stopping items with lots of life left in them from going to landfill and lengthening their lifespan even further. There is still a good choice of retailers out there to choose from who are sustainable, but visiting your local charity, by and large, is a budget and eco-friendly alternative.

Children’s Hospice South West provide help and support to family’s who have children with life-limiting conditions. They have a hospice located locally in Wraxall. Everything sold in the shops helps CHSW provide vital care to local children with life-limiting conditions and their families.

Fact file:

Who: Children’s Hospice South West

Where: 18 Colliers Walk, Crown Glass Shopping Centre

Follow: @childrenshospicesw

Best seller: Fashion

Get in touch if you would like your green initiative featured:


Reviving Nailsea’s Green spaces

Rewild Nailsea

Over the last two years, North Somerset Council (NSC) has been introducing rewilding projects across the local area. Nailsea Town Council is passionate about the importance of rewilding but also ensuring the projects are well maintained and create the greatest success for biodiversity. We are working with local residents and NSC to get feedback and make the most of our rewilding areas to ensure they fulfill their goals and become sustainable habitats for years to come. Get in touch to find out more or get involved.

Spilsbury Wood Regeneration

You may not know that Nailsea Town Council owns an acre of woodland called ‘Spilsbury Wood’ which covers Tickenham Ridge. This space is accessible from the bus stop on the B3130, through Jacklands Fishing Lakes, or via the adjoining Tower House Wood. The woodland is home to lots of local wildlife, and although no established setts there is evidence of visiting badgers. Sadly, the effects of ash dieback has claimed many of the trees within the wood. However, this has provided us with an opportunity to replant the area with mixed native species to complement the existing young hazel, yew, beech, sycamore, and spindle that are doing well there. Any trees that are felled will be left as deadwood habitats, providing shelter and food to a variety of bugs and critters.