Nailsea Fiver Fest: Support Independent Local Businesses

This October, Totally Locally Fiver Fest is coming to Nailsea, encouraging local residents to spend money with High Street independent retailers.

Running for two weeks in October (Saturday 9th-Saturday 23rd October 2021), Fiver Fest is a celebration of independent stores and businesses. Nailsea High Street, along with others across England, will take part in Fiver Fest, offering special deals and discounted services for just £5.

During the pandemic, the message of ‘shop local’ was particularly hit home. Fiver Fest promotes this message, and encourages residents to support local small businesses with as little as £5 a week.

What is Totally Locally Fiver Fest?

According to the ‘Totally Locally’ website, the initiative is a chance for independent businesses to work together and encourage people back to town centres. Additionally, it provides businesses the opportunity to say thank you to customers who supported them during the pandemic.

The previous Fiver Fest, in June 2021, involved over 100 towns and 1000s of businesses joining in. This October’s Fiver Fest is set to be even bigger, and promote the products and services of even more local businesses!

The goal of Fiver Fest is to highlight the impact people spending £5 per week with independent shops can have on the High Street. According to the Fiver Fest Nailsea Facebook page, “if every adult in Nailsea spent just £5 a week in local independent businesses […] it would be worth an extra £3 million a year going into the local economy”!

Find out more about ‘The £5 Concept’ >

Only independent shops and businesses can partake in the initiative. Across the fortnight of the fest, businesses taking part put on special £5 offers. This may include special discounts, lunchtime deals, or other exclusive offerings.

View the Totally Locally Fiver Fest website for more information.

Who is Taking Part in Fiver Fest?

Plenty of Nailsea High Street shops and businesses are taking part in the October Fiver Fest!

Cafes & Restaurants

  • Coates House
  • Greens Café
  • Ring O Bells
  • Café 119

Shops & Businesses

  • Simply Green Zero Waste
  • John Brown Hardware
  • Chic Blooms
  • Home Additions
  • Samuel Bird TV
  • Flower Bee Florist
  • Nailsea International Shop
  • S&R Burchills
  • Kids Party Pack Hire

View the Fiver Fest Nailsea Facebook page for more information and updates.