Nailsea Town Council invites residents to attend ‘Ask Nailsea’ update meeting

Nailsea Town Council will be holding its first meeting to discuss the ‘Ask Nailsea’ consultation on Tuesday 5th April 8pm at Nailsea Tithe Barn.

Nailsea Town Council has expressed their thanks for all of your ideas, the “Ask Nailsea” public consultation recived 812 responses from the community on what the Council should invest in. 

These ideas for the town have been formatted into an 83 page document that the Town Councillors are currently reviewing and preparing comments for to discuss.

In this meeting, the councillors will be discussing the responses to the public consultation and consider what ideas should go forward for further consideration.

There will be no public participation in the meeting, but residents are welcome to come and observe the first stage of the process.

After the meeting, the Council will publish an update of all the suggestions have a response to share.


Ask Nailsea Meeting

Ask Nailsea Meeting