Nailsea Town Council calls on the community to name the Lions

Nailsea Town Council commissioned artist Gary Orange to transform the felled diseased trees on Lions Green into a seating area to benefit the community using funding from the government’s Welcome Back Fund.

Inspired by the name of the green, the Council decided the tree carving should incorporate Lions. On inspecting the area, the sculptor decided a Lion and its cubs would be fitting and would work as a multifunctional seating area to be used by the whole community.

The sculptor used the feedback from his conversations with the locals to bring the design together; one of these suggestions was to incorporate the conkers from the old horse chestnut tree. It feels fitting that these extra details came from suggestions made by the local community.

Nailsea Town Council is pleased to announce the sculpture is ready for use and is now calling on the community to suggest names for the Lions.

A spokesperson for the Council said: “We are thrilled with the new sculpture on Lions Green. We want to see the community take ownership of the new artwork and can think of no better way than to be involved in the process of giving the lions names.”

If you are a Nailsea resident and have a suggestion to name one of our lions, please email or call us on 01275855277.