New Sound System for Tithe Barn

The content of Nailsea Town Council meetings will be much easier for all those in attendance to hear, thanks to the investment in a new sound system at the Tithe Barn.

Councillors approved expenditure earlier in the year, of £33,629, for a portable wireless conference and sound system at the premises where council meetings take place as well as many other community events. The new sound system, which comes with 22 delegate microphones, is expected to be in place before Christmas. It is being paid for by Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds. CIL is a fee payable to local authorities by developers, to support the infrastructure in an area in which they are building.

The new equipment was agreed after both Councillors and members of the public complained that those speaking at the meetings were hard to hear.

Councillor Mike Bird said:

“The hearing aid loop system has not worked well for many years, not having had the correct audio fed to it. This is fully rectified with the new system.

It is important to us that council members and the public attending meetings clearly hear each other and are not disadvantaged because of inadequate sound system provision.

We believe the new system will be future proof and will greatly improve the experience of everyone at the meetings.”

The new system, which is compatible with both MT and T position hearing aids, is of wireless design to meet the requirements of the Grade II* listed building status of the Tithe Barn.

Town clerk Jo Duffy checking out the new sound system as work begins for its installation