Places to Visit Near Nailsea – Cadbury Camp

Visiting Cadbury Camp from Nailsea

Cadbury Camp is a 7-acre Iron Age hill fort in Tickenham’s idyllic countryside. It provides spectacular views across Somerset and towards the Bristol Channel, and is home to a wide range of wildlife. Cows and sheep are often grazing the archeological site, and if you keep a close eye, you may be fortunate enough to spot the silver-washed fritillary butterfly. It’s one of the best picnic spots around!

The plot of land is now managed by the National Trust, who are responsible for preserving the site. The tasks they carry out include removing trees from growing on the fort, as well as carefully trying to increase the biodiversity of some of the woodland areas.


How to get to Cadbury Camp from Nailsea?

The fort can be accessed by an uneven bridleway adjacent to Tickenham Golf Club, which involves a moderate ascent so walking boots are advised. There are several other routes to the camp from Tickenham.

Click here to view the footpath on Google Street View.

The fit and adventurous might consider a 5-6 mile walk from Nailsea, along Causeway or the Moor End from Pound Lane.


Cadbury Camp 2


History of Cadbury Camp

The fort is thought to have been built in the 6th century BC by a local community, and was used by tribes until the mid-1st century AD as a place for protection when under attack. As the site is based on a natural ridge, it made it ideal for a fort as it provided a high vantage point of the views below.

Two bronze spearheads have been discovered at the camp, which suggests that some kind of settlement was defended there, hundreds of years before the fort was built.

The camp was also used as a searchlight battery to locate enemy aircraft in WWII, allowing them to be shot down before releasing bombs on Bristol.

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