Removal of Overhead Lines and Pylons – Hinkley Connection Project Update

The National Grid are removing nine kilometres of Western Power Distribution overhead lines and pylons near homes in Nailsea as part of the Hinkley Connection Project.

Work removing the pylons started in August and is expected to continue until October. The first to be removed were near Nailsea and Backwell Rugby Club, but throughout September pylons and overhead lines near homes and gardens are expected to go too.

Across the whole project, overhead lines are going to be removed and replaced with underground cabling that will re-emerge beyond Cadbury Camp. Affected residents are reportedly delighted with their new view, free from the unsightly overhead lines.

The replacement T-pylons are the first new model to appear in the UK for 100 years and will be much further away from residents with an improved appearance and design.

What are T-Line Pylons?

T-pylons are around 35 metres tall, making them much shorter than 400kV lattice pylons, with T-shaped arms that hold the wires in a diamond shape. As well as this, they have a single pole reducing their overall footprint and need for land. All of these features combine to greatly minimise their visual impact. These new pylons are set to dramatically transform the appearance of affected areas in Nailsea and other places along the route.

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What are the Next Stages?

The schedule has been revised, meaning the construction of the T-pylon structures will begin at the end of 2021 now. Until then, removal of current lattice pylons will continue.

Most of the disruption listed by Hinkley Connection to footpaths and public right of ways across Nailsea is expected to end by around mid-September. The exception is North Drove to the West end of Nailsea, which will see rolling closures and restricted access to vehicles and pedestrians until early November.

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Keep Up to Date

For regular updates on the project’s progress and how it is affecting people in Nailsea, visit the In Your Area section of the National Grid website.

Here, you’ll be able to check for potential disruption and find out what work is expected to take place when. You can also sign up to a quarterly e-newsletter here.

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