Take Part in The Nailsea School PTA Lottery

Nailsea School PTA have launched a weekly lottery with Your School Lottery to raise funds, with the first draw on Saturday 26th June 2021. Tickets cost £1 a week and participants have the chance to win up to £25,000.

Parents of Nailsea School students and members of the local community are invited to take part in the new fundraising initiative. The lottery, specially created for schools, ensures money goes towards schools as well as participants.

Any money raised by the lottery will go towards the students at Nailsea School and bettering their experiences. The PTA aims to raise funds for enrichment activities and equipment. Due to coronavirus restrictions, the PTA have been unable to run their usual fundraising activities, so they are therefore using virtual fundraising solutions.

Take Part in the Nailsea School PTA Lottery

To buy your tickets, head to the Nailsea School page on Your School Lottery.

You can choose the 6 numbers on your ticket (0-9) or have a random selection. If you match 6 numbers drawn during the weekly draw on Saturday nights, you win the jackpot of £25,000!

For every ticket sold, 40p goes to schools in the UK (you can choose which school benefits). Additionally, there will be one PTA supporter winner each week (30% of tickets purchased).

Tickets cost £1. Tickets can be purchased by Direct Debit or Debit Card. One month minimum.

The first draw will be Saturday 26th June 2021.

For updates, follow Nailsea School PTA on Facebook and Twitter. To find out more about the lottery, how it works, and how the fundraising works, check out the Your School Lottery website, specifically the ‘How It Works’ page.

About Nailsea School PTA

Nailsea School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is made up of over 30 volunteers from the local community who raise and provide funds to benefit the whole school. As well as fundraising, the PTA support the community with social opportunities. Staff, pupils, parents can submit tenders to the PTA for funding requests.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the PTA is fundraising virtually. Opportunities are advertised on social media, as well as emailed to parents.

The PTA meet for committee meetings 5 times a year. Within these meetings, bids for funding are voted on. Find out more about the PTA and its role on the Nailsea School PTA webpage.

About Your School Lottery

Your School Lottery is a fundraising initiative used by schools throughout the UK. Founded in 2013 with the aim of being an ethical lottery provider, Your School Lottery gives 35% more in donations to good causes than any other national lottery.

Your School Lottery raises over £1 million a year for school funds. They work with PTAs, nurseries, primary schools, colleges, universities, secondary schools, and more across the UK.

Find out more about Your School Lottery.

Good luck!