The people of Nailsea are coming together to get through lockdown

The past few weeks have had a drastic impact on the people of the UK and around the world. The impact of the Coronavirus is sure to be with us for a long time to come as we try to slow the spread and protect the NHS 

The people oNailsea have shown an incredible amount of support to keep each other safe and protected during this period of isolation. 

Very early on in the pandemic, the Nailsea COVID-19 Help Group was set up to support people who were self-isolating and vulnerable – This group has now grown to 3,254 members and continues to grow by the day.  

The Nailsea COVID-19 Help Group is there to provide practical support to those who need it within the community. They have delivered prescriptions and medication, conducted food shops for those unable to leave their homes and much more.  

Local film production company Filma King has created a series of videos that demonstrate how much work is being put in from the community to keep the people of Nailsea safe. 



There have been many local events to keep the people of Nailsea connected to the community.  

The team at Coates house and the farmhouse have been cooking up meals for those in need, @TheGym have been posting regular home workout sessions, and Phil Williams even organised a VE Day – “Camp IN Weekend” fundraiser that raised £1,400 for Nailsea Foodbank! 

The way that Nailsea has come together during this crisis is truly inspiring and shows just how caring and unique the community is.  

Do you have a lockdown story to share? Let us know!  

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Stay safe Nailsea.