The scarecrows that are taking over Nailsea!

The Nailsea Scarecrow group have been putting a smile on people’s faces throughout lockdown with their fun and inventive scarecrow creations to keep you entertained on your walks.

If you have been wondering why figures such as Donald Trump, The Gruffalo and Darth Vader have been popping up in people’s front gardens around Nailsea then look no further than the Nailsea Lockdown Scarecrow Group.

The group has been set up to keep people entertained and raise money for the local community throughout lockdown, along with creating a great reason to get out for a walk around the area.

So far, the Nailsea Scarecrow Group has accumulated almost 1,000 members on Facebook and raised nearly £300 for the local community.

There is a printable checklist of scarecrows to take out on your walks to help you find them. This can be downloaded here.

The team have also created a map with locations of the scarecrows. The map can be downloaded and printed here.

This event is another example of how Nailsea is coming together throughout this lockdown period to support each other and keep the community together, making the gap of isolation that little bit smaller.

If you would like more information about the Nailsea Scarecrow group or if you fancy getting creative and making your own scarecrow for the event, check out their Facebook page here.

Every day the people of Nailsea are coming up with new and inventive ways to keep the community spirit high.

You can see some examples of how the community has come together over the past few weeks here.

Please continue to follow the government guidelines and have respect for those around you trying to follow them too.

Together, Nailsea’s community will get through the Coronavirus pandemic and ensure that the people of Nailsea stay safe.