Upcoming Council Elections 2019

When are the North Somerset Council Elections?

Elections to North Somerset Council and every Town/Parish Council within North Somerset will take place on Thursday 2 May 2019.  All seats on all councils will be subject to the election process.

Apart from the chairman and vice-chairman, your current councillors will remain in office until the fourth day after the election day of 2 May, when they will retire and the new councillors will take office.

Your chairman will remain (even if he/she does not seek re-election) until after a new chairman has been elected at the annual meeting of your council following the election; and your vice-chairman will also remain in office until the new chairman has been elected.  Again, this applies even if he/she does not seek re-election.

Timetable for the North Somerset Council Elections

Here’s the key dates you need to be aware of in regard to the 2019 North Somerset Council and Parish/Town Council elections –

Publication of Notice of Election – 19th March 2019

Start of Nominations – 20th March 2019

Close of Receipt of Nominations – 3rd April 2019 at 4.00pm

Delivery of Notice of Withdrawal of Candidature – 3rd April 2019 by 4.00pm

Appointment of Election Agents (North Somerset Council only) – 3rd April 2019 by 4.00pm

Publication of Statements of Persons Nominated – 4th April 2019 by 4.00pm

Last Date for Registration – deadline for applications – 12th April 2019 by Midnight

Receipt of Postal Vote and Postal Proxy applications – 15th April 2019 by 5.00pm

Bulk issue of postal votes – 18th April 2019

Receipt of ordinary Proxy Vote Applications – 24th April 2019 by 5.00pm

Appointment of Poll and Count Agents – 25th April 2019

Day of Poll (polling stations open 7.00am to 10.00pm) – 2nd May 2019

Verification of the votes (following close of poll) – 2nd May 2019

Counting of the votes – 3rd May 2019.

Find Out More

For more information regarding the upcoming elections, please visit Nailsea Town Council’s website.

To view the Notice of Election for the Election of Parish Councillors, please click here.

To view the Notice of Election for the Election of District Councillors, please click here.