Vision for Nailsea – Have Your Say!

North Somerset Council are preparing a new Local Plan for the period 2018-2036 which will set out detailed policies and allocations to deliver a new planning policy framework. As part of this process the Town Council has produced an outline Vision for Nailsea, looking to the next 20 years, to generate feedback and debate.

Highlights of the proposed Vision for Nailsea

  • A fully planned expanded town that is a place where people wish to live, is easy to access, offers a wide range of activities and where there is a strong community spirit
  • Carefully designed housing developments to a masterplan: new housing built around the town and not to one side
  • Review green belt boundaries as an integral part of a masterplan for the development of the town
  • A thriving town centre where residents will want to live, meet and socialize as well as shop
  • Refurbish existing town, ie. resurface pathways; refurbish existing play areas; replace paving in and around centre; create feature entrances to the town at the main points of entry; improve Millennium Park
  • Provide for a major new community building to include the library, to act as a catalyst for further enhancement of the town centre and to encourage investment
  • A new road to the north of the town connecting the B3130 from Bristol (Wraxall road) to the B3130 to Clevedon (Tickenham road) and continuing on to connect up to the B3128/B3130 junction (Tickenham Hill road)
  • A range of leisure activities for all tastes: a new sports centre with indoor and outdoor facilities and all-weather pitches, possibly to include a swimming pool
  • A town with safe access throughout for pedestrians and cyclists: identify principle pedestrian routes throughout the town and introduce wayfinder signage and seating
  • Enhance employment areas
  • Effective and responsive public transport throughout the town: efficient and readily accessible public transport for commuters
  • Investing in existing car parks and ensuring they are managed effectively
  • Bring metrobus into Nailsea from Bristol via a modernised railway station
  • Identify the need for additional primary and secondary schools as growth occurs and support adult education where sufficient need exists

The Town Council wants to hear from as many people as possible who live, work or go to school in Nailsea. Please message the Council on Facebook or email

The 4-page document is available to download here, and hard copies are available at the Tithe Barn, 65 High Street and the Library.

David Packham, Chair

Nailsea Town Council