Trading Estates in Nailsea

Buzzing Businesses in Nailsea

Not all of Nailsea’s shops and businesses are based in the town centre, as Nailsea also has two trading estates, each offering a wide range of services. Southfield Road and Blackfriars Road are two spacious areas, each with different and professional businesses.

Southfield Road Trading Estate

A five-minute walk from Nailsea’s town centre, Southfield Road Trading Estate is the home to a variety of different-sized businesses.  

Blackfriars Road Trading Estate (Westend Trading Estate)

Located on the outskirts of Nailsea, Blackfriars Road Trading Estate (Westend Trading Estate) has several different businesses offering very different services. From providing surplus telecoms to an excellent gymnastics facility, there is a range of businesses based here.

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