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Based on the outskirts of Bristol, Nailsea is a thriving town, filled with community spirit and astonishing heritage.

Whether you want to experience the city-like feel of the town centre, or enjoy the beautiful countryside, Nailsea has plenty to offer for all ages. Packed with shops, thriving businesses and great transportation links, Nailsea has it all.

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Nailsea, known around the world

The town of Nailsea is known all around the world, thanks to the enduring legacy of the town’s glassworks.

Established in 1788 by John Robert Lucas on the site of the Hunting Lodge of the Earls of Berkeley, it became one of the most important English glass factories. At its peak, it was the fourth largest glass factory in the UK.

Latest Nailsea News and Articles

Vision for Nailsea – Have Your Say!

North Somerset Council are preparing a new Local Plan for the period 2018-2036 which will set out detailed policies and allocations to deliver a new planning policy framework. As part of this process the Town [...]

  • Horserace

Virtual Race Night

A Virtual Race Night will take place on 18th August 2018 at Nailsea Masonic Hall to raise funds for Claire Tavener’s two young boys. Limited tickets are available and will be distributed on a first [...]

Upcoming Events in Nailsea

Nailsea has got things going on for people of all ages, backgrounds and interests throughout the year.

18th August 2018 – Virtual Horse Race Night
15th – 16th September 2018 – Nailsea “International” Bike Show
21st September 2018 – Café Create
17th November 2018 – Nailsea Festival of Music
30th November 2018 – Nailsea Christmas Fair

Shopping & Markets

Luxury furniture, gourmet goods, delicious foods, cool cafes…

Whatever your retail pleasure, you’ll find it in Nailsea Town centre.

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