Nailsea Town Council announces a new Five-Year Strategic Plan.

Nailsea Town Council is very pleased to launch a new Five-Year Strategic plan. The Strategic Plan is a statement of the Council’s vision, priorities and objectives. It will be used as a guide in each successive year to set the Budget and was completed after considering community wishes identified in the ‘ASK Nailsea’ consultation. The Strategic plan can be found here

Cllr James Tonkin, Vice Chair announces the launch of the Five Year Strategic Plan on YouTube 

We are now working on an Operational Delivery Plan sitting in parallel with this strategy document. This Operational Delivery Plan will identify funding, resources and constraints on those projects and the committees, sub-committees, working parties charged with their delivery.

The Chair of the Council, Cllr Anita Smith says, “Although it covers the five years from 2024 to 2029 our Strategic Plan will be subject to at least annual review, if not six-monthly. It won’t be something we look at every five years! It will be a live document, ongoing and updated with our progress, achievements and setbacks.”

A good Strategic Plan helps minimise corporate risk from poor planning and ‘ad hoc’ or even ‘knee-jerk’ decision-making.