It’s time to update your recycling knowledge

This is your guide to recycling and waste 2024 – 2025

You can now recycle paper and cardboard together in the same recycling box. For information on other items that can be recycled please download the leaflet with full details here

Information for recycling centres can be found on the North Somerset Council website here see as North Somerset operate these sites recycling sites as well as waste collection.

North Somerset Council doesn’t have or operate any sites at supermarkets or car parks anymore so if there are bins in supermarket car parks they are operated independently or with the supermarket’s permission. North Somerset Council also don’t hold or maintain a list of all the other independent schemes for recycling being run across North Somerset. This is because things often change and organisers of these schemes do not contact them to update the list.

However a useful tool is It does have on it some of the recycling banks in car parks and some of the independent schemes like pet food pouches, schools batteries recycling points, Costa Coffee’s coffee cup scheme etc. so its worth looking for site near you.

The best advice is to try wherever possible to reduce waste including choosing to buy items loose or in packaging which is more easily recycled at kerbside. If you have specific items then it’s worth checking first, see if it can be fixed then reused by someone else. If you are looking for a recycling scheme for a specific item check where you brought it from first.

Supermarkets- soft plastic wrapper recycling
Electrical retailers- WEEE recycling schemes
Podback- coffee pod recycling postal envelopes