Nailsea Skatepark Lights

Nailsea Town Council would like to update you on matters regarding the Skate Park Lighting. 
Nailsea has a good quality concrete Skate Park and new floodlighting was installed in 2022. Our planning permission for the floodlights requires them to be turned off at 8pm. Following requests for skaters we have agreed to apply to change this to 10pm. Changing the time is not a decision we could make ourselves and obtaining planning permission is not a quick process.
Sadly, the cabinet containing the timer control panel suffered vandalism in 2023 and throughout this year. This was not casual vandalism because the timing was always changed and no other damage done. Several times we have paid for new padlocks and for repairs to the cabinet.
Recently, we moved the timer controls to the adjacent CCTV column, thinking it would be more secure. Sadly, the CCTV column has now been drilled into and the timing interfered with. This will also have to be repaired at public expense.
As a result, we have instructed the Skate Park floodlighting to be switched off completely until we get planning permission for the lights to be on until 10pm. Our planning application is now in the hands of North Somerset Council. The Town Council – and local Council Taxpayers – cannot be expected to continually bear the cost of repairing clearly targeted vandalism, which also puts us in breach of our planning permission.
Those responsible should note that, if these selfish attacks should continue, the Town Council will be asking itself whether we should continue to provide these lights at all.