18th Nailsea’s Skate Park Community Festival Postponed 2020

The organising committee of the extremely popular Skate Park Festival and activities showcase met earlier this week, and unfortunately had no choice but to at this stage to postpone the event from its scheduled date of June 6, 2020. We realise this is a great disappointment for all those looking forward to it, but sadly after looking at all the possibilities had no choice.

However, all at the meeting were keen to see whether the event could be rescheduled when things settle down and that probably means in the autumn (Date to be confirmed).

The team are also keen to have some fun (remotely), with events organised leading up to the original date, which will include things such as picture competitions, reruns of some of the other skate festival video edits, a remote breakfast together (for the organisers) as we normally do on the morning of the event, and on the day itself having a number of pre-recorded and live inputs which can be followed via the Nailsea Skatepark Project, and Nailsea Skatefest and Activities Showcase Facebook pages.

We are also keen to undertake the annual spring clean at the park and will be talking to the Council for the best day to do this, and publicise this, as we will be looking for volunteers to help.

Unfortunately the Skate Park is still officially closed, and to the huge percentage of users who are respecting that, thank you, and for one of two of you reading this who might be sneaking back on, we really would encourage you to avoid doing this, as its not helping the communities current great support of the park, as well as the fact that you run the risk of being fined as breaking the guidance legislation. We are all really missing it and once it is safe to use it again with revised guidelines, we will be the first to let you know.

So once again we are disappointed to have to confirm this date change but I hope very much that we can have some fun leading up to the event, and in the autumn gather the community together again for a fun filled day.

We also want to thank those sponsors who have already committed to support the event, which include Nailsea Town Council, Nailsea Community Trust, Holy Trinity church, Nailsea Lions Club, Trendlewood church, Christians together in Nailsea and Waitrose community matters scheme. Without your help, we could not run the event and we will ensure that the sponsorship will be invested in the event later this year or carried over into next year, if for some reason we cannot run.

Any questions or ideas on how to make June 6th a fun day remotely, contact Phil Williams phil@christiansurfers.co.uk