Community Groups and Social Clubs in Nailsea

Community Groups and Social clubs are a great way to get involved with the latest events and activities in Nailsea. They’re also a great way to meet new people and bond over shared experiences in our amazing town that we call home.

Whether you’re looking for a venue that has regular social gatherings and local events or you’re looking for a hobby group to keep you busy in your free time, Nailsea has so much to offer, with something for everyone.

Community Groups and Initiatives

From the various initiatives and community groups hosted at 65 High Street to local charity groups, Nailsea has a great selection of different options that can help you develop a sense of community spirit and meet new people.

As an in informal drop-in venue that hosts a variety of local groups, initiatives and services, 65 Hight Street is the home of community wellbeing in Nailsea. From the Youth Club to the Men’s Talk Club and Women of Colour Social Group, there’s something for everyone and you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you and makes you feel like you belong.

The ‘Nailsea Knitters’ and ‘Thursday Quilters’ are particularly great ways for the elderly to socialise while learning a new skill and keeping their minds busy.


Hobby and Special Interest Groups

Nailsea has so many societies and clubs which can help you to stay active or enjoy a specific hobby while meeting new people with shared interests. These hobby and special interest groups provide a wide range of opportunities for both children and adults to get involved.

Nailsea Running Club

The Nailsea Running Club is a friendly and sociable club based at Nailsea & Backwell Rugby Club. They have been a part of the Nailsea Community since 1986 and provide a great channel for both amateur and enthusiast runners to get together and stay active.

They meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM which allow you to turn up and give it a go even if it is your first time running. They also host Sunday runs and other ad hoc events or activities.

Nailsea Karate

Nailsea Karate is a traditional karate club that is part of the Bristol Karate Academy. They hold two classes each week at Nailsea School for both adults and children. The classes are tailored for beginner level upwards so you can get involved regardless of your age or experience with Karate.

Gemini Gymnastics Club

Gemini Gymnastics has been teaching gymnastics for over 30 years in Nailsea. They have a great reputation with well-structured sessions and friendly, qualified coaches.

Their classes are tailored for both children and adults which are available from Monday to Saturday depending on your age group. They also host parties and other events with their facilities available to hire for private events.

The Rock Project

The Rock Project is a national initiative and contemporary music school aimed at providing private lessons in electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals.

Their classes are a great way for children to learn a new instrument and provide an opportunity for young people to test their music skills while performing regularly each week as part of a band.

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Social Clubs and Children’s Activities

There are a variety of ‘members only’ social clubs and community activity groups in Nailsea that hold regular events and meetings which are a great way to build ties in our community and create lasting memories.

Nailsea and Backwell Rotary Club

The Nailsea and Backwell Rotary Club has been part of our Nailsea community for over 46 years. It is a great option for adults looking to meet like-minded people or just enjoy the regular events and activities that always on offer.

The Rotary Club is an international organisation that was started with the aim of providing a forum or gathering for people from a diverse range of backgrounds to exchange ideas and form meaningful, lasting relationships.

This sentiment is very much alive at the Nailsea and Backwell Rotary Club as they host frequent events and have various local initiatives aimed at engaging the local community and bringing everyone together. One example of this is their annual charity walks and runs.

The rotary club also has great social activities such as their ‘Whist Drive’ which is designed to encourage the lonely and elderly to mingle and get acquainted with some friendly faces.

1st Nailsea Scouts

1st Nailsea Scouts is one of two local scout groups in Nailsea. Their aim is to provide a channel for young people and volunteers to explore the outdoors and enjoy new adventures together.

This scout group has rich history as it was founded in 1920 and has been serving the local community for over 100 years. Their modern hall and facilities even include features like a climbing wall and a dedicated training room.

There are numerous benefits for development and personal growth in scouting as it allows young people to interact, gain more confidence and learn valuable life skills that can help them survive in any situation.

The scout group is made up of three Beaver Colonies (6-8 years), three Cub Packs (8-10½ years), two Scout Troops (10½-14 years) and one Explorer Unit (14-18 years) which allows children to socialise and interact with other children that are around the same age.

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