England Players Call Nailsea & Tickenham FC to Thank Them for Community Work

Nailsea and Tickenham Football Club captain Chris Gale and Community Manager Al Parsons received a huge surprise today that they’re unlikely to forget in a hurry!

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis Nailsea and Tickenham Football Club (also known as the Swags) have been helping the local community with essential jobs, such as delivering food and medicine, helping with household and garden jobs, and delivering flowers to people having a hard time during the pandemic.

England partner PayPal had made contact with the Swags and wanted to hear the stories of their volunteers, and to thank them for their hard work on behalf of the local community. Chris and Al joined a video call and to their surprise so did England superstars Marcus Rashford, Mason Mount and Declan Rice. The guys were able to have a nice chat with the England players, who thanked them for their efforts and PayPal also gave a gift of £500 that has been given directly to the players as a recognition of their efforts. England have also invited the players to St Georges, the England training venue when the crisis is over.

Swags Chairman Rob Gregory said “We knew at the beginning of this crisis we needed to do something to help our local community, and to be recognised for the clubs efforts by our sports governing body and be thanked by our playing heroes is massive for us.”
Published extracts from the interview on the official England twitter feed can be see here: https://twitter.com/England/status/1273933545384275969