How to Keep Fit in Nailsea This Summer

Summer is here, and the effects of sweets, soft drinks, and barbeques are already starting to catch up. Keep fit this summer and explore the various activities in and around Nailsea, including cycling routes, walks, and upcoming events for summer 2023! Perfect for younger children too, you can get the whole family out and about over the summer holidays.

Cycling Routes and the Skatepark

There are tons of different cycle routes available in and around Nailsea to help you keep fit. Brush the rust off your bike this summer and take part in the sights and sounds of the local countryside. Find a route yourself with the tools from the North Somerset Council, or take a look at some handpicked ones on

Nailsea is also home to a fun and active skate park, which gives the local community a place to show off their tricks while keeping fit and having a blast. The park features a mini ramp, quarter pipes, flat banks, and a driveway, allowing for countless hours of entertainment. Its placement next to Millennium Park makes it a great option for family events or action-packed days of activities.

Beautiful Walks in and around Nailsea

Stay healthy by going on one of the many idyllic walks that are available in Nailsea’s surrounding countryside.

Backwell Lake. This walk takes place at the nearby lake, which was constructed in the ‘70s as a habitat for birds, bats, and insects. Many different species can be found here, making for an interesting walk. Although it isn’t a long one, the Backwell Lake walk is nice to take a breather on a hot summer’s day. There are plenty of wildlife opportunities for photographers too!

Moorend Spout Nature Reserve. This natural site is home to a range of plants and wildlife, alongside a scenic waterfall. It is owned and operated by the Nailsea Environment and Wildlife Trust (NEWT) with the goal of restoring the area’s biodiversity. Several features have been installed to make it accessible to walkers, including steps up to the embankment and a boardwalk. Take a stroll and see what nature you will find this summer!

Nailsea Footpath Group. Not a walk itself, but a group that exists to encourage the exploration of Nailsea’s vast countryside. The Nailsea Footpath Group takes part in walks of varying distances and difficulties, during weekdays and weekends, that can take you to places in Nailsea and beyond. They also have a trial process, allowing you to take part in a few walks before officially signing up.

Upcoming Events in Nailsea

Keep yourself moving and entertained this summer by participating in some of the upcoming events in and around Nailsea. While not all of these are as intensive as running a marathon, they’re all great activities that you shouldn’t miss!

Trendlewood Community Festival

Take part in the Trendlewood Community Festival, happening in Nailsea on Saturday the 26th of August. This festival aims to bring food, music, and fun to families and friends in the local community. It features a fantastic selection of activities, including:

  • Local live music with a line-up of outstanding acts.
  • An awesome range of activities for children of all ages: a bouncy castle assault course, fun fair games, a computer gaming zone, and a play area for the under-eights –with appropriate supervision.
  • A market featuring the flavours and produce of the local area.
  • A vintage tea tent with homemade cakes and fresh brewed tea & coffee.

Along with much more!

Brush Party’s ‘Spotted Sentinel’

In this fun event hosted by Brush Party, you get the chance to paint the ‘Spotted Sentinel’ with equipment and materials provided by their artists. Starting at 7pm on Friday the 4th of August, with the recommendation to arrive earlier to order food and drinks, you can enjoy a great, creative night out.

Dance Out in Nailsea

Dance out with ‘Pigsty Morris’, coming to Nailsea on Thursday the 3rd of August. This will be taking place at the Micro Pub at Ivy Court from 8pm, then at the Ring o’ Bells from 9pm, finishing at 10pm!

Theatre Workshops

Bring out your inner actor and develop some theatre techniques with various activities coming up that are all about acting!

On Wednesday the 9th of August, children aged from eleven to seventeen can take part in the Devising Theatre Masterclass which will help them keep fit through the use of physical storytelling and offers the chance to explore improvisation and character creation.

The next day, Thursday the 10th of August, there will be a special event for children aged nine to fourteen. Here they will get the opportunity to learn from a professionally trained dancer and instructor in this Matilda Choreography Day.

Stay up to date with the latest upcoming events in Nailsea to make sure you keep fit with an action-packed summer! Get in touch with Nailsea Town Council if you have any questions or want to tell us about something we’ve missed.