Nailsea Town Councillors to change the name of Nailsea to Naylsey

Nailsea Town councillors have voted to change the name of Nailsea back to its original spelling of Naylsey. The Council felt the name better reflected the Town and the true nature of Nailsea as it’s not actually by the sea. The name Nailsea has caused problems as visitors from all over the country and Bristol have been arriving in the summer months with buckets and spades ready to sit on the beach to find there is no beach and have been giving the town bad reviews because of this.

One visitor said “ We thought with a name like Nailsea we would explore the beach here rather than at Weston S Mare. We have travelled all the way from Birmingham to find Nailsea is not on the sea. Our children were so disappointed and we are really cross that Nailsea misrepresents itself like this. We shall not be returning”

The name of the town may be derived from the Old English for Naegl’s island, although it has also been suggested it was spelt Naylsey in 1657.
Source Nailsea – Wikipedia

Published April 1st 2024