Over 4000 Local Residents assisted by Nailsea Covid-19 Help Group

Local volunteer organisation, ‘Nailsea Covid-19 Help Group’ has responded to more than 4300 requests for support since the Covid-19 lockdown was announced in March.

Set up following the rise of the pandemic and the announcement of the lockdown, the Nailsea Covid-19 Help Group has responded to more than 4300 requests for support from local residents, which include help with grocery shopping, prescription delivery, hot meal delivery and much more.

With over 25% of its residents over the age of 70, the Group was aware that there would quickly be a large number of people requiring support due to the Coronavirus and set out a strategy to help them.

Along with the daily requests, the Group regularly supports 15 vulnerable families and residents through its foodbank, delivers up to 250 hot meals to vulnerable residents in the area per week and does the grocery shopping for 200 residents.

James Steel, Nailsea Covid-19 Group Lead, comments: “The response from the community since this pandemic was announced has been incredible. We now have more than 250 ID-verified volunteers who are on hand everyday to deal with requests from local residents and spread awareness of ways that we can provide support.

“We have now fulfilled over 4300 requests and regularly support more than 200 vulnerable residents and families during these tough times. All of which would not have been possible without the amazing support from the community and local businesses.

“We urge any residents who need help or assistance to please get in touch to find out how we can provide support.”

The Group has dedicated project teams that provide support with grocery shopping, prescription pick up and delivery, supporting residential homes, run a pop up foodbank and deliver hot meals, with help from a number of local businesses.

If you or someone you know needs help in Nailsea please email nailseahelpers@yahoo.com or call 01275 855 277.


About Nailsea Covid-19 Help Group

The Nailsea Covid-19 Group is a community lead volunteer organisation set up to provide practical support to the people of Nailsea during the coronavirus outbreak.

To access help, visit Nailsea COVID-19 Help Group on Facebook, email nailseahelpers@yahoo.com or call 01275 855277.


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