Nailsea Town Council is responsible for.

There is often confusion about the difference between the services that Nailsea Town Council is responsible for and what is the responsibility of North Somerset Council. To help Nailsea Town Council have added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) guide. FAQS

Nailsea Town Council is made up of twenty volunteers who live or work in Nailsea; they are all invested in the town and passionate about making Nailsea a great place to live.

The Council has many responsibilities in the town, including making sure residents’ voices are listened to when making decisions. They must hear from you and listen, so please get in touch with any ideas you have for the town.  You can contact your Town Council here 

What your Town Council help with:

• Reviewing planning applications, but North Somerset Council has the final say
• Managing and maintaining our towns green spaces including allotments, The Village Green at the Grove, Lion’s green, the Glassworks, Golden Valley Bridle Way and Spilsbury Wood
• Maintaining Hannah More Park (all other parks are maintained by North Somerset Council)
• Maintaining the cleanliness of Nailsea Skate Park
• Providing grants to local organisations
• Managing dog waste and employing an Orderly to improve the cleanliness of the town
• Maintaining various bus shelters, benches, Grove sports fields and the Garden of Rest
• Funding the town’s CCTV network
• Maintaining No 65 High Street and Nailsea Tithe Barn
• Supporting local markets and Nailsea in Bloom
• Town noticeboards

Outside of Nailsea Town Council’s control are taxes, benefits, housing, refuse collection, waste and recycling, grass cutting (except for areas owned by the Council), the majority of streetlights, and potholes. These responsibilities belong to North Somerset Council and in some cases national government.

The new Chair of Nailsea Town Council, Anita Smith is keen to help people identify who they need to contact about particular services. Anita says ‘I understand that many people can get confused about what Nailsea Town Council is responsible for and what is outside our remit and so we have put together a Frequently Asked Questions guide (FAQs) on our Nailsea Town website to help.’

The following FAQS will help you find the answers to the services you need.