Where’s the bin?

During the past 3 months the ‘Tidy Nailsea’ Group of Nailsea Town councillors and residents have mapped the location of litter bins and dog poo bins in Nailsea to identify gaps in provision. These bins are a mix of bins owned by the Town Council, North Somerset Council and privately-owned litter bins. Having mapped all the bins, they could find, they are now asking the public ‘Where’s the bin?’ to identify any bins they have missed. Please click here to give us the locations of any missing bin not shown on the maps.

The maps below show the detailed locations of all the bins we have found in Nailsea. If you find one that has not been mapped we need the following information.
• Street name
• brief description of where the bin is on the street, e.g. outside No 5. Please can you note if it’s a dog poo bin, bin with lid or a bin without a lid.

If the members of the public are able to email us a photo of where the bin is this would be very helpful. Email enquiries@nailseatowncouncil.gov.uk with your name, and the street where the bin is situated.

Cllr Samantha Rogers, one of the Nailsea Town Councillors who has been mapping the bins locations, says ‘We have found and mapped many bins around Nailsea and it would be so helpful if the public can let us know of any bins we have missed so we can identify any gaps in provision. Thank you so much for your help’

To see the detailed maps of where the bins we have found so far are situated please click on the links below.