Nailsea School Raising Funds for Laptop Lending Library

Nailsea School have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help build their Laptop Lending Library.

Due to the national lockdown, many of the school’s students are now working online. However, for some families, this new way of learning can be a challenge, with students having to work from phones, tablets or struggling with IT that works intermittently. The secondary school is regularly hearing of issues whereby siblings or parents are having to share the same device, which is inevitably impacting some students’ ability to learn.

The government provided the school with 50 laptops and another further 13 were donated by the Nailsea School PTA (parent-teacher association). They also received Covid-19 funding for a further 10. The majority of these laptops have been loaned to families struggling to work online, with only a few left in reserve.

On average, the school is receiving 3 requests a day for students to borrow laptops. Nailsea School have therefore launched a fundraising campaign to increase the number of laptops they have available for loan.

They are hoping to buy a further 10 laptops (either new or reconditioned) to extend the capacity of their Laptop Lending Library and help students currently struggling with online education.

To donate, please visit Nailsea School’s GoFundMe page –